Welcome! In the name of The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit:
Saint John's is an Episcopal Church in the Diosece of SouthEast Florida.


Who we are: •The Episcopal Church is a Bible Church. We believe the Holy Scriptures to be the word of God and our source of belief and moral standards. The Bible is our lens through which we view and evaluate all other truths. Episcopalians are generally not fundamentalist, but we do take the scriptures seriously. The entire first half of our service is scripture.

•The Episcopal Church is a Catholic Church. Catholic means that we adhere to what has been consistently believed and practiced from New Testament times. Our worship and life draw from the rich treasure of nearly two thousand years of Christian experience and discovery. The ancient Creeds, the sacraments, the orders of ministry, the church calendar, and the Book of Common Prayer (which enables us to worship together and not be passive spectators) preserve our link with the historic church founded by Jesus Christ.

•The Episcopal Church is a Reformed Church. What is distinct about us grew out of the reformation in England in the 16th. Century. Our emphasis on the scriptures and the ministry of lay people comes out of this heritage..


















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